T-500B High Speed Tapping Center
  • T-500B High Speed Tapping Center
  • T-500B High Speed Tapping Center
  • T-500B High Speed Tapping Center
  • T-500B High Speed Tapping Center

T-500B High Speed Tapping Center

Spindle Speed 20000/24000rpm

3 axis moves up to 60m/min

ATC 1 Second for change

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Product Characteristics 

1. The base structure improves the rigidity and vibration resistance of the machine and ensures the good stability of the machining process through the numerical analysis and special design and the super-long span six-point support; 

2. The spindle motor and spindle adopt direct drive to reduce the error of high-speed tapping, and the characteristic of high output force can be greatly played in high-speed and high-efficiency machining and heavy cutting machining; 

3. High speed spindle response speed, the use of ceramic ball bearing, greatly prolong the service life of the spindle; 

4. Z-axis optimization improves the stiffness and substantially improves the Z-axis acceleration, reducing the running time of empty stroke; 

5, the machine tool with a large inclined chip discharge Angle, stainless steel chip discharge groove effectively improve the chip discharge effect, the machine quickly clean chip, and accelerate the flow rate of cutting fluid; 

6. High-speed servo tool change, PLC tool change optimal, shorten the tool change time, fast and stable, reduce the non-processing time; 

7. High-speed rigid tapping; 

8. By loading high-speed PLC engine, response speed can be improved, cycle can be shortened, machining details parameters can be optimized, smoothness of feed can be improved, and the improved machining edge/surface effect does not need to be processed in subsequent procedures; 

9. The fast moving speed of the machine at 48m/min reduces the processing time and improves the processing efficiency;1. Base span 1120 mm, span large, multi-point support, effective dispersion of pressure, worktable load and processing bearing capacity to obtain effective support.

Application Area

Mainly used for 3 C of consumer electronics shell, stainless steel equipment, aerospace, automotive parts and equipment in the industry of small plate parts processing.


Machining Workpiece

Product Parameters 

working table sizemm620*400
travelX axismm520
Y axismm360
Z axismm340
working table T-slot Sizemm3-14*120
distance from spindle nose to working tablemm155-455
distance from spindle center to body surfacemm445
spindle speed(standard)mm50-20000
spindle taper#BT-30
spindle powerkw5.5
X axis rapid traverse ratem/min48
Y axis rapid traverse ratem/min48
Z axis rapid traverse ratem/min48
cutting speedmm/min1-20000
three-axis motor powerkw1.5/1.5/2.2
max tool weightkg3
tool lengthmm200
max diameter(Full knife/adjacent empty knife)mm60/80
tank capacityL145
air pressure demandMpa≥0.6
total power consumptionkva12
positioning accuracymm0.005
repeat accuracymm0.003
max loadkg250
machine weightkg3300
outline dimensionsmm1600*2600*2300
tool magazinebit16(optional21)

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1. A professional manufacturer of machine tools and automation products.

2. Three production bases: Shenzhen, Suzhou and Yibin, ensuring a monthly production capacity of 2,000 units.

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