L-V65 CNC Vertical Lathe

L-V65 CNC Vertical Lathe

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Product Characteristics 

CNC vertical lathes are suitable for automobile partssuch as wheel hubs, brake discs, flywheels, brake hubs, reducers, etc.,and are suitable for the processing of complex discs, shells and shortshaft parts in industries such as bearings and energy.
  • The main body of the machine tool supports,bases, columns,beams, saddles, etc. aremade of high-grade Meehanite precisioncasting, and the internal stress is eliminatedby secondary annealing treatment to ensureaccuracy and stability.
  • The main motor adopts a high-power two-speed motor with a constant power and widespeed range, which can efficiently display thecharacteristics of the spindle and improve theprocessing efficiency of the machine tool.
  • Equipped with a three-jaw self-centeringchuck, which shortens the installation timeand improves the processing efficiency.
  • The main shaft bearing adopts importeddouble row cylindrical roller bearings,theradial clearance is adjusted and the pretightening is combined with the main shaftgrinding process to ensure the rotationaccuracy of the table, and improve the load-bearing capacity and service life. The mainshaft is in contact with the tapered surface ofthe drive pulley for grinding, high contactrigidity, and improved transmission stability.
  • The feed guide adopts a high-load linear ballguide to meet the requirements of highprecision and heavy cutting processing. Thedrive system adopts a P3 ball screw directdrive, combined with the screw pre-tensioninghigh transmission rigidity, to ensure highposition accuracy and long-term stability.
  • The hydraulic turret cam has precise indexingfast tool change speed, and the clamping ofthe cutter head matches the hydraulic powersource to meet heavy-duty cutting.Optionalvertical turret and power milling turret.
  • Z-axis adopts double balance weightcompensation technology,which makes themovement more stable and improves thepositioning accuracy of the machine tool.​
  • Equipped with iron chip scouring on both sidesof the base,which perfectly guarantees thechip removal effect of the machine tool.

Product Parameters 

Item Name L-V50      L-V65  L-V80
Maximum turning diameter(mm) 700 800 950
Maximum cutting diameter(mm) 550(650) 650(750)   800(900)
Maximum workpiece height(mm) 600 600 800
Maximum workpiece weight (kg) 1000 1200 1500
  Spindle Chuck diameter(inch) 15"(Hydraulic chuck) 18"(Hydraulic chuck) 21"(Hydraulic chuck)
Spindle speed range(r/min) 502000 502000   201300
Maximum spindle torque(Nm) 720 1200 2000
Spindle end type A2-11 A2-11  A2-11
Spindle centering bearing diameter(mm) 160 160 200
main motor power(kw) S=18.5,S2=22 S1=22,S2=30 S1=24,S2=30
Tool holder Turret type Horizontal(vertical) Horizontal (vertical) Horizontal (vertical)
Workstation 8(6) 8(6) 12(6)
Driving mode Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
Specification of extemal tuming tool holder(mm*mm) 32*32 32*32 32*32
Diameter ofinner hole toolholder(mm) φ50 φ50 φ50
  Feed X, Z axis feed railpair linear guide rail linear guide rail linear guide rail
X,Z axis cutting feed range(mm/min) 0.11000 0.11000 0.11000
X,Z-axis tool holderfast (m/min) 20/16 20/16  20/16
Xaxis horizontal stroke(mm) -50340 -50390   -50465
Zaxis vertical stroke(mm) 620 620 820
X,Z axis feed motor torque(Nm) 20/27 20/27  27/36
Total power capacity of machine tool(kva) 45 45 45
Cooling watertank capacity (L) 240 240 300
Floor area(length*width)(mm) 2240*3205 2240*3205 2775*3890
Machine  height(mm) 3370 3370 3735
Machine weight (t) 9 9 11

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