V-200U Five axis Machining Center

V-200U Five axis Machining Center

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Product Characteristics 

V-200U is a vertical machining center with Five-axis Simultaneous Motion function. It can cut metals and non-metals of various materials. It has high machining accuracy, and the machine tool structure has high rigidity. The world's leading high-precision CNC system is a vertical five-axis machining center with high precision, high speed and high rigidity. It is widely used in the processing of complex parts such as impellers, clocks, small molds, medical equipment and VR glasses.
1.The main structure of the machine adopts a high-rigidity portal O-type structure, the distance from the spindle to the beam is short, and the reasonable BC axis turntable structure design layout, and the bed is made of high-quality gray cast iron material, which has the characteristics of small overall stress deformation and strong vibration resistance;
2.Combined with modern finite element analysis software to continuously optimize and improve the rigidity of the main structure of the bed to achieve the optimal design;
3.Equipped with roller guide rails (INA/THK) to improve the rigidity of the transmission; at the same time, the lead screw is designed as NSK high-speed lead screw (with cooling) to ensure better transmission accuracy and stability;
4.Self-designed high-rigidity turntable body structure, driven by torque motor, matched with Renishaw high-resolution circular grating encoder, and the turntable body is designed with reasonable cooling channels to ensure the transmission accuracy and stability of the turntable.Equipped with HSK E40 high-speed motorized spindle, the maximum speed can reach 30000rpm/min, ensuring high surface machining quality of parts;
5.Equipped with 30T umbrella-shaped tool magazine to meet the multi-tool requirements for complex parts processing;
6.The control system applies Siemens SINUMERIK ONE five-axis high-precision control system, Siemens high-precision motor and drive, and HEIDENHAIN linear grating ruler to achieve closed-loop control, effectively ensuring the stability of the overall control accuracy of the machine;
7.The operation panel integrates some self-developed functions, including secondary development operation interface, tool magazine management, automatic tool setting, temperature control module, etc., to improve the convenience of operation;;
8.Combined with industrial design elements and human-computer interaction considerations, the appearance design of the whole machine is beautiful and clean, and the reasonable operation position layout enhances the human-computer interaction experience;
9.The standard high-precision laser tool setter can meet the accurate measurement of key parameters such as tool length, diameter and contour of different tool types, so as to ensure the high precision requirements of parts processing.


Product Parameters 

Items Unit Parameter
X-axis travel mm 500
Y-axis travel mm 280
Z-axis travel mm 300
B-axis travel ° +30°~ -120°
C-axis travel ° 360°continuous rotation
Distance from spindle nose to table mm 100-400
Maximum processing workpiece size(diamater*height) mm φ260*260
Work table size mm φ260
Spindle taper   HSK 40E
Spindle speed range / 0-30000
Tool capacity pcs 30

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