Since the launch of the 2021 "Customer Year-end Maintenance Activity" of Taikan Precision Machinery on November 8, the sales and service department of Taikan Precision Machinery has been busy in the past two weeks. Every day, the professional sales service engineers of the Taikan sales service department will "attack" in multiple ways, making carpet appointments to provide customers with meticulous, thoughtful and professional on-site maintenance services.
This year-end maintenance activity includes machine tool maintenance items: machine level adjustment, spindle maintenance, tool magazine maintenance, three-axis cleaning inspection, oil circuit inspection, etc. The company's Vertical machining center, horizontal machining center, gantry machining center, drilling and tapping machineand other equipment that will be launched within three years are included in the service scope of this activity.
Taikan 2021 "Customer Year-end Maintenance Activity"
Taikan Precision Machinery Professional Sales Service Engineer.
During the whole on-site maintenance process, the professional sales service engineers of Taikan not only conducted a comprehensive inspection and maintenance for the customer's machine tool, but also trained the customer's relevant personnel in standard maintenance methods, so that the customer has a dedicated person to master the standard maintenance Skills, so that the follow-up customers have the ability to do-it-yourself maintenance regularly, so that the customer's machine tools are always in the best running state.
Friends in the machining industry know that machines such as machine tools not only have higher requirements for the strength of the body, but also have higher requirements for machining accuracy. If the maintenance is not in place, once the tool arm, tool magazine, guide rail, machine table and other important components are seriously corroded or worn, not only the strength will be affected to a certain extent, the machining accuracy will be the first to bear the brunt, and the service life of the machine tool will also be reduced. Therefore, in the machining industry, there has always been a saying that "machine tool equipment depends on seven points for use and three points for maintenance". Because of this, Taikan 's "Customer Year-end Maintenance Activity" has been widely praised and praised by customers who have been on-site maintenance.
Taikan 2021 "Customer Year-end Maintenance Activity"
Finally, Taikan’s "Customer Year-end Maintenance Activity" will last until December 31. Customers who want to participate in this year-end maintenance activity, please contact the Taikan ’s sales service in time during the Taikan’s event and make an appointment. maintainance. Taikan’s 2021 "Customer Year-end Maintenance Activity" has the following three booking methods:
1. The after-sales quality control department of Taikan arranges personnel to make appointments with customers by phone;
2. Customers can also make an appointment through the Taikan Precision Machinery Service Hotline or the " Taikan Sunshine Service" official account;
3. For drilling and tapping machines and engraving machines in the factory, the sales staff in the factory will communicate with the customers about year-end maintenance. For customers who have made an appointment, we will come to your door as soon as possible to provide you with considerate and professional services.