In the period of July 22-26, 2020, 2020 Taichung Automation Exhibition held in Taichung International Convention and Exhibition Center, as a domestic high-end intelligent equipment solutions service provider,Taikan with two hot style machines, will come across the sea and be on display in this Exhibition, promote the communication of automation smart industries for Taiwan and mainland , hand in hand towards a global market.Taikan Machine group with hot style model showing in Taichung.

The Taichung Automation Exhibition sponsored by Taiwan Automation Industry Association and the Taiwan Economic Daily, aiming to make tens of thousands of small businesses gather together in central Taiwan, promote industries exchange learning and cooperation. For manufacturing, mechanical precision technology, hardware component town, forming the industry chain, build export trade important promoter.

Taikan, as a high-end intelligent equipment solutions for service providers, based on the market in the automotive industry and machinery parts, hardware tools and other industries automation processing requirements, with Taiwan local 锐特精密科技有限公司(Company)powerful combination,with hot style T-V856S vertical machining center and T-V1165S showing, bring a series of automated processing solutions for our customers.

T-V856S and T-V1165S vertical machining center is a small and medium-sized C-structure vertical, three axis linear railvertical machining center. After clamping the workpiece, it can automatically and continuously processed process such as milling, drilling, boring, reaming, reaming, tapping, etc. Machine tools are widely used in 3C, automation, hardware, auto parts, medical equipment and other industries of small and medium-sized box class, board class, dish class, valve class, shell class and mold precision parts and other complex and varieties, small and medium-sized batch processing.                                  

T-V856S and T-V1165S, as a group of elite machine this year pushed hot style model, after the debut, attracted the attention of many media platforms, and compete to report.

Taichung Automation Industry Exhibithion
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