Technology drives development brand empowers openness and win-win

Taikan is a typical representative enterprise of Chinese manufacturing and industrial manufacturing. Over the years, Taikan has always regarded promoting a manufacturing power as an important goal of the group's development. Independent innovation in technology, self-sufficiency in core components, relying on hard-core products and hard-core technologies, bravely undertake the mission of building a "The advanced equipment of china" to strengthen the country.


Focus on manufacturing a powerful country the country's most important weapon goes to the world


EMO Exhibition is the best professional exhibition of machinery manufacturing technology in the world. It covers the entire process of metal processing such as machine tools, tools, mold manufacturing, software, surface treatment, accessories, waste disposal and related services, and has the reputation of being the wind vane of innovative production of engineering technology.

From September 18th to 23rd, Taikan will share global cases at the EMO Exhibition (Booth No.: HALL 14F41): adhere to the construction of a manufacturing power, a technology power, and a brand power, and actively go abroad to expand global business opportunities, "Tell the story of Made in China to the world."


Openness and win-win create a golden business card for China's high-end equipment to "go global"

At this exhibition, Taikan will take the flagship models and industry application solutions to the exhibition. We sincerely invite you to appreciate the state-of-the-art equipment built with products, services and technologies. The models exhibited this time include:





The process of globalization of Chinese brands continues to accelerate

Reveal new surging energy and vitality

September 18th-23rd at HALL 14F41

Witness the strong impetus for Chinese brands to go global
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