T-520-S High-speed Tapping and Drilling Machine

T-520-S High-speed Tapping and Drilling Machine

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Product Characteristics

1. oil pressure dual-station exchange table, table exchange time 4.5~4.7 s..
2. new 21 T servo tool bank ,26 tool bank optional. T-T 1.4S. of tool switching time
3. exclude invalid action and reduce non-processing time. Do not waste workbench exchange time, save the time of workpiece replacement, achieve non-stop processing.
4. machine tool adopts moving beam structure, moving X shaft column, fast feed speed, high efficiency and good reliability.
5. base adopts integrated structure with high rigidity design and good stability.
6. the resonance frequency is adjusted outside the processing zone by finite element analysis combined with practice.
The sheet metal of 7. whole machine adopts the completely closed structure design —— the safety is good, the stability is strong.
8. adopts the integrated electric box design, the electric box is equipped with the special design industrial air conditioning, the inside of the electric box forms a closed space and the temperature does not rise, thus protects the electrical components not easy to aging, reduces the failure rate.
9. feed system should adopt high precision ball screw support unit and bearing to ensure machine tool stability and precision requirements.
10. The servo motor adopts digital AC servo motor with high reliability and good sealing performance to ensure good dynamic performance.
11. The workload of up to two conventional drilling centres can be replaced if workpieces loaded with robots or manipulators are more efficient.

Technical Characteristics

1. the table turns, the positioning of the XY shaft, the additional shaft and the tool exchange simultaneously move.
2. table switching time 4.5~4.7 s, tool switching time T-T 1.4S..
3. high acceleration and deceleration spindle motor, so that the start/stop of the spindle can be carried out in a very short time.


Application Area 
The main purpose is to process non-ferrous metal parts such as drilling, tapping process, can achieve boring, milling, especially for the short processing time, clamping frequent beat requirements high parts processing.


Product Parameters 

working table sizemm650*1000(two flanks)
travelX axismm520
Y axismm360
Z axismm340
working table T-slot Sizemm3-14*120
tactical diametermm1078
Workpiece height(Including chucking appliance)mm≤300
(≤350 when option with low chassis table)
Distance from spindle nose to working tablemm250-540
(250-590 when option with low chassis table)
Limit processing areamm520*360*300(X*Y*Z)
Distance from spindle center to body surfacemm445
Spindle speed(standard)mm50-20000
Spindle taper#BT-30
Spindle powerkw3.7/5.5
X axis rapid traverse ratem/min36
Y axis rapid traverse ratem/min36
max tool weightkg3
tool lengthmm200
max diameter(Full knife/adjacent empty knife)mm60/80
tank capacityL145
air pressure demandMpa≥0.6
total power consumptionkva12
positioning accuracymm0.005
repeat accuracymm0.003
max loadkg250
machine weightkg3300
outline dimensionsmm1600*2600*2300
tool magazinebit16(optional21)