T-V1685S  Vertical Machining Center

T-V1685S Vertical Machining Center

T-V1685S vertical machining center is a medium and large size machine tool.

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Product Characteristics 

T-V1685S vertical machining center is a medium and large size machine tool, the workpiece can be automatically and continuously completed after a clamping milling, drilling, boring, expansion, reaming, countersinking, tapping and other processes, the machine tool is suitable for medium-sized boxes, plates, discs, valves, shells and other complex parts of multi-species of small and medium batch processing.
  • The whole machine structure is fixed column type, cross slide structure, machine tool Y axis adopts four guide rails design, which can ensure the heavy load capacity when processing, and ensure the processing accuracy. The whole machine is fully enclosed and protected, with beautiful machine shape and convenient operation and maintenance.
  • All the big parts of the foundation are made of high quality resin sand molding and high strength cast iron material casting, so that the machine tool can get high rigidity and stable accuracy.
  • The spindle adopts Taikan's high speed spindle unit with belt drive BT50-6000rpm spindle as standard, which has high cutting efficiency and can reduce the heat deformation of the spindle.
  • The front end of the spindle adopts labyrinth design and the spindle with air curtain protection to prevent cutting fluid from entering the spindle bearing.
  • The spindle is equipped with center blowing function and automatic constant temperature circulating water cooling device, which makes the spindle temperature rise small, thermal deformation small, and maintain high machining accuracy.
  • The tool magazine adopts Taikan's BT50-24 tool arm type tool magazine, which has reliable quality and stable performance.
  • The three-axis feed adopts the direct connection drive between the motor and the high-precision ball screw, and the large diameter C3 grade ball screw is installed by pre-stretching to further improve the transmission rigidity and positioning accuracy.
  • X/Y axis guide adopts 45 roller line rail to carry, high rigidity, low friction, low noise, Z axis guide adopts 55 roller line rail, high rigidity, strong anti-vibration, can carry more cutting force.
  • The machine's guideways and ball screws are all lubricated by a regular and quantitative lubrication system, which can adjust the oil supply cycle and oil supply quantity for each lubrication point and realize fully automatic centralized lubrication through electrical system control.
  • Machine tool chip removal adopts built-in double screw row, front chain plate chip conveyor, reducing manual cleaning time, automation, humanization and high efficiency.
  • The machine tool water tank is structured with a multi-layer filtration system to provide good cutting fluid for workpiece machining.
  • The machine is equipped with a high-performance FANUC 0i-MF Plus(5) CNC system, which ensures the stability of the machine control and the CNC machining functions and auxiliary functions required by the user.

Application Area 

Widely used C 3 products, auto parts, hardware, medical devices and other industries.


Machining Workpiece

Product Parameters 

Items Unit T-V1685S
Processing Travel size(X-axis) mm 1650
Travel size(Y-axis) mm 850
Travel size(Z axis) mm 850
Distance from spindle nose to table mm 120~970
Spindle center mm 990
Work table Work table size mm 1700*850
Max.load Kg 1600
T-slot (number-width * spacing) mm 5-18*125+2-18*100
Spindle Motor power (rated/short time) kw 15/18.5
Motor torque (rated/short time) N.m 143/191
Rotational speed range r/min 50~6000(Belts)
Spindle diameter mm Φ210
Toolholder specifications / BT50
Spigot specifications / P50T-I(MAS403)
Guide Rail X-axis mm 2-45Rollers
Y-axis mm 4-45Rollers
Z-axis mm 2-55Rollers
Drive Ball screw X/Y/Z mm 50*12/50*12/50*12
Motor power X/Y/Z kw 3.0/3.0/3.0
Speed Cutting feed speed range mm/min 1-10000
X, Y, Z axis fast moving speed m/min 30/30/20
Machine accuracy Positioning accuracy (X/Y/Z) mm 0.015
Repeat positioning accuracy (X/Y/Z) mm 0.008
Tool Storage Tool capacity Pieces 24
Tool weight  kg 18
Tool length mm 300
Maximum diameter (Full knife/adjacent empty knife) mm Φ105/Φ210
the others Control system / FANUC 0i-MF Plus(5)
Air Source Flow L/min 280(ANR)
Air pressure MPa 0.5~0.8
Equipment capacity KVA 40
Cooling tank capacity L 400
Machine dimensions (L*W*H) mm 4200*3285*3650
Machine weight (approx.) Kg 11800


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