T-VP955  Vertical Machining Center

T-VP955 Vertical Machining Center

The first choice for small and medium mold processing .

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Product Characteristics 

The first choice for small and medium mold processing .The innovative T-shaped bed structure design, the full-stroke support structureof the worktable and the sliding seat, solves the traditional C-shaped vertical heddle Combining the left and right overhanging shortcomings of the machining center workbench, achieve the best dynamic level accuracy and durability,and increase the machine tool The overall cutting rigidity and cutting stability.Designed for research and development of high-efficiency and high precision industries, widely used in large-scale Precision parts processing and precision mold processing, etc..

Application Area 

Used in large-scale Precision parts processing and precision mold processing, etc..


Product Parameters 

Travelling Table stroke(X axis) mm 900
Saddle stroke(Y axis) mm 550
Headstock stroke(Z axis) mm 550
Distacne from spindle nose to work table mm 120-670
Distacne from spindle center to column guide surface mm 650
load Workingtable size mm 1000*500
Workbench load(average load) kg 800
T-slot(number of slots-slot width*spacing) mm 5-18*100
Spindle Maximum speed rpm 12000(Direct) 15000(Motorized spindle)
Spindle taper / BBT40/BT40
Motor power(rated/short-time) KW 8/16 15/32.2
Motor Torque(rated/short-time) N.m 52/100 45.7/125
Bearing lubrication / Grease lubrication Oil-air lubrication
Spindle cooling / Water cooling
Guide X axis / 2-45
Y axis / 2-45
Z axis / 2-45
Tool magazine Tool storage capacity SETS 24
Maximum tool weight kg 7
Maximum tool length mm 250
Maximum tool diameter(full tool/adjacent empty tool) mm 75/150
Feed rate X/Y/Z axis rapid traverse speed m/min 30/30/30
X/Y/Z axis feed rate mm/min 1-10000
Precision positioning accuracy mm 0.006/full itinerary
Repeatability mm 0.004/full itinerary
Size Dimensions(L*W*H) mm 3310*3123*3000
Machine weight kg 6000
Power source Total power of the power supply(380vac,50HZ) KVA 25 40
Gas source flow L/min 280(ANR)
pressure Mpa 0.5-0.8

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vertical machining center

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