T-V850M  Heavy Cutting Precision Vertical Machining Center

T-V850M Heavy Cutting Precision Vertical Machining Center

widely used in industries such as precision parts, auto parts, medical devices and precision molds.

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Product Characteristics 

Cutting a wide range of materials like metal or non-metal, with excellent machining accuracy and excellent surface finish quality. The machine adopts high precision roller linear rail and ball screw, which gives the machine the ultimate dynamic responsiveness and enables high speed and high rigidity cutting.It is suitable for small and medium-sized precision parts and mold processing, and is widely used in industries such as precision parts, auto parts, medical devices and precision molds.

  • Base:Super heavy base structure design, built-in ground support structure, low center of gravity design, excellent vibration damping performance, rigidity and stability.
  • Column and spindle box:Large span high rigidity herringbone column, the bottom of the double wall plate structure design, and combined with the strengthening of the spindle box three wall plate structure, and Z axis using 6 slider roller guide design, heavy cutting anti-deformation ability, good precision maintenance.
  • Slider and work table:The double wall plate structure of the slide, and the motor end and the end of the integrated structure design. Y-axis guide large span support, and configured with thickened quenching table, good rigidity, excellent dynamic performance, stable accuracy.
  • Spindle:Adopt belt 8000 rpm spindle, strong cutting rigidity.
  • Guide rail:All three axes adopt the size of 45 roller guide, Z axis 6 slider, with strong bearing capacity and sufficient processing rigidity.
  • Screw:The screw adopts pre-stretched structure with good thermal stability, suitable for high precision machining.
  • Tool Magazine:Adopt Taikan 24 tool arm type inverter automatic tool changer, with fast tool changing speed, reliable quality and stable performance.
  • Lubrication:Adopting grease lubrication system, it has better damping and shock absorption ability, better lubrication performance, lower cost and more greener
  • Hardening table:High surface hardness of workbench, strong impact resistance, not easy to deformation.
  • Sheet metal:Sheet metal full protection, simple and beautiful, reasonable design, good human-machine interaction.
  • Grating scale:Fast response and higher processing accuracy.

Application Area 

used in industries such as precision parts, auto parts, medical devices and precision molds.


Working Environment

(1) Three-phase AC power supply :380 V±5%;50 HzV±1 Hz, main power line 8 mm² or larger, ground wire 8 or larger.
(2) Ambient temperature :8~40 Cº.
(3) Relative humidity :≤80 per cent.
(4) Keep away from light source, vibration source and heat source, keep away from high frequency generator, discharge motive, welding machine, etc., avoid electrical interference to make machine tool NC system malfunction.


Product Parameters 

Items Unit T-V850M
Table size mm 1000*550
X/Y/Z axis travel mm 850/550/550
Distance from nose of spindle to table mm 150-700
Table T-slot(number of slots - jerk width spacing) mm 5-18*100
Max. spindle speed rpm Belt 8000/Direct connection 12000(optional)
Spindle dimension # BT40
X/Y/Z rapid traverse rate m/min 36/36/30
Tool magazine capacity T 24
Tool weight kg 7
Tool length mm 250
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