Product Characteristics 

Taikan machine parts and product processing center T-V6 is our independent development of a precision parts processing customers with high precision, high finish requirements, with high speed, high precision, high efficiency, high speed tool change and other characteristics.

The three-axis X/Y/Z 
1.Taikan machine parts and product machining center adopts high precision linear slide rail to ensure the positioning accuracy of the machine in high speed operation.
2. Key parts of the machining center, such as bed, spindle and so on, are made of Mihanna cast iron. After 3 D dynamic finite element analysis, it has good stability and high strength, which ensures the accuracy of high speed cutting is stable and reliable.
The ball wire rod of 
3. Triaxial drive adopts Taiwan C3 grade nut pair ball wire rod, the contact area can withstand the big load, the bearing capacity is strong, the ball wire rod motor end and the tail end bearing all adopt the imported C4 grade combination special high speed bearing, the triaxial ball wire rod all carries on the prestretching, the performance is stable, enhances the axial power transmission efficiency.
4. The ultra wide base, the saddle is widened and lengthened, and the structure is strong to ensure the heavy load capacity when processing. "Man" type column design, strong structure, in high-speed displacement effectively maintain stability and load-bearing capacity.
5. Adopts the straight spindle, drives the rigid coupling directly to the spindle tail through Mitsubishi or Fanako servo motor, which can effectively avoid the lateral stress and noise caused by belt connection, and the rigid tapping precision deviation caused by belt transmission tooth wear. Its speed can reach 15000 RPM,, which is suitable for both light cutting and medium and heavy cutting, so as to the efficiency and precision of machining, and the inner and hidden spindle can effectively eliminate thermal stress.
6. Triaxial adopts European C grade, ball linear guide rail, can support heavy load, fast displacement, ensure accurate positioning.
7. Three-axis ball screw rod are equipped with support mechanism to improve the axial power transmission efficiency.
8. Machining center bed body, spindle box and other tissue stability, continuous quality. Through finite element analysis-computer calculation and analysis, reasonable structural strength and reinforcement matching provide mechanical high rigidity. The casting structure adopts the integrated molding technology, the box body structure, the processing adopts the large five-sided machining machine, the one-time clamping processing is completed, the machine tool has the high rigidity, the high strength, the geometry position precision is high, and can maintain the machine tool stability and the high precision continuously.
9. Adopt the spindle design of isolating heat source, reduce the heat displacement, the high speed operation of the spindle can be matched with the oil temperature control system of the spindle, which can effectively make the spindle achieve the effect of constant temperature, effectively control the heat displacement of the spindle, and ensure the high speed and high precision of the spindle.
10. The cutting fluid has a large capacity to rapidly exhaust the cutting heat. The water tank is designed with double box type and placed on the inside of the machine to save space.
11. The full-trip motion accuracy is compensated by laser correction to ensure the accuracy of the machine and the calibration results.
12. The computer gongs are simple in design, save space and make the limited space reasonably used.

Application Area 

Suitable for all types IT parts high belt processing, hardware parts processing, auto parts processing ,3 C industrial parts processing, aerospace field parts processing, other precision parts processing.


Machining Workpiece


Product Parameters 
Item unit T-V6
working table size mm 700×400
travel X axis mm 600
Y axis mm 390
Z axis mm 450
working table T-slot Size mm 3-18×125
Distance from spindle nose to working table mm 190-640
Distance from spindle center to body surface mm 480
Spindle speed(standard) rpm 50-12000
spindle taper # BT-40
Spindle power kw 5.5
X axis rapid traverse rate mm/min 48000
Y axis rapid traverse rate mm/min 48000
Z axis rapid traverse rate mm/min 48000
Cutting speed mm/min 1-10000
 three-axis motor power (X, Y,Z) kw 1.5/1.5/3.0
Max tool weight Kg 8
Tool length mm 300
Max diameter(Full knife/adjacent empty knife) mm 78/120
Tank capacity L 150
Air pressure demand Kg/cm² 6
Total power consumption kw 15
 Positioning accuracy mm 0.005
Repeat accuracy mm 0.003
Max load Kg 300
Machine weight Kg 3100
Outline dimensions mm 1900×2510×2480
Tool magazine capacity bit 20