Product Characteristics 

The fuselage adopts the super base solid: the fuselage uses the super base to weigh the solid. Large span herringbone column high rigidity, high speed moving cutting without vibration and deformation.
The chip removal adopts the rear chip removal: the old row adopts the rear row belongs to the design, effectively saves the space.
Large diameter C3 grade wire rod: large diameter C3 grade wire rod with pre-pull structure to eliminate partial thermal extension.

Application Area 

Widely used in mechanical manufacturing, mold manufacturing and other industries processing board, disk, shell and mold and other complex parts.


Machining Workpiece

Product Parameters 
Item Unit Parameters Remarks
Working table size mm 1200-600  
Travel X axis mm 1050  
Y axis mm 600  
Z axis mm 580  
T-slot-Dimensions mm 5-18*100  
Distance from spindle nose to working table mm 140-720  
Distance from spindle center to body surface mm 658  
Spindle speed(std) rpm Belt 8000  
Taper # BT40/Φ150  
Spindle power kw 7.5/11  
X axis rapid  traverse rate m/min 20  
Y axis rapid  traverse rate m/min 20  
Z axis rapid  traverse rate m/min 20  
Cutting speed mm/min 1-10000  
3 axes motor power kw 3.0/3.0/3.0  
X/Y/Z axis   Ball screw specification   4010  
Max tool weight kg 7  
Tool length mm 250  
The max diameter(full knife/ adjacent knife) mm 75/150  
Tank capacity L 300  
Air pressure requirement Mpa 0.5-0.8  
Total power consumption kva 25  
Positioning accuracy mm 0.008  
Repeat accuracy mm 0.005  
Max load kg 800  
Mechanical weight(estimated) mm 6300  
Outline dimension(L*W*H) mm 2700*2900*3000