ST-203 CNC Precision Automatic Lathe/Swiss-type

ST-203 CNC Precision Automatic Lathe/Swiss-type

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Products Characteristics

1. Single spindle and single system, the spindle adopts the internal motorized spindle.
2. A rapid movement speed is 32m/min.
3. Rotatable panel, large internal space and good operation.
4. Mitsubishi numerical control system, high stability.
5. No guide sleeve, interchangeable with guide sleeve, with a journey of 240mm.

6. The standard is equipped with 5 power heads.

Machining Workpiece


Product Parameters

Max. diameterΦ20
Max. Length240mm
Face hole diameterMax.Φ10
Front thread processingMax.M8
Through-hole diameter of front thread machining spindle23mm
Controller systemMitsubishi E80
Spindle speedMax.8000r/min
Side milling maximum bore diameterMax.Φ10
Side milling maximum tapping diameterMax.M8 (copper)
Side milling maximum speedMax.5000r/min
Turning tool6*12
Side milling tool2*ER11+3*ER16
Fixed cutter seat of side milling cutter end5*ER16
End power headFixed4*ER16+ Rotating3*ER16(Optional)
Moving speed32m/min(Z/Y) 24m/min(X)
Power of spindle motor2.2KW/3.7KW
Power of side milling motor1.0W
Power of end milling0.4KW
Power of feed motor0.75KW(X/Y/Z)
Total machine power7KW