On March 28th, the release of Xiaomi SU7
Pushing the new energy vehicle industry to a new level of heat

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The trend of the new energy vehicle industry is growing rapidly

In recent years, the development trend of the new energy vehicle industry has shown a clear growth trend. With the increasing global attention to environmental protection and sustainable development, the new energy vehicle market is gradually rising, and its penetration rate is rapidly increasing. The Development Plan for the New Energy Vehicle Industry (2021-2035) released in 2020 specifies that by 2023, the sales of new energy vehicles will reach about 20% of the total sales of new vehicles. This indicates that the market share of traditional fuel vehicles will gradually shrink, and the era of comprehensive electrification is approaching.

This growth trend is mainly due to the continuous development of new energy vehicle technology and cost reduction, as well as government support and subsidy policies for the new energy vehicle industry. At the same time, major automobile companies are actively investing in the research and production of new energy vehicles, promoting intensified market competition and further promoting the development of the new energy vehicle industry.

The successful launch of Xiaomi SU7 has had a positive impact on the new energy vehicle industry. Firstly, as a company with strong brand influence and technological strength, the launch of Xiaomi's SU7 has intensified market competition, promoted technological innovation, and improved product quality. Secondly, the successful launch of Xiaomi SU7 provides valuable experience and cases for other new energy vehicle companies, which helps to promote technological progress and industrial upgrading in the entire industry. In addition, the release of Xiaomi SU7 has also promoted the improvement of the new energy vehicle industry chain and promoted the development of related industries such as batteries, motors, and electronic controls.

The Challenge of New Energy Vehicles

However, the development of the new energy vehicle industry also faces some challenges. For example, the construction progress of charging facilities needs to be accelerated, and the phenomenon of uneven charging facilities still exists; Further breakthroughs are needed in battery technology to meet consumer demands for range and performance; The treatment of waste power batteries also needs to gradually mature to address environmental issues. The development trend of the new energy vehicle industry is positive, but it also needs to address some technological and infrastructure challenges. The release of Xiaomi SU7, as an important event in the industry, has brought new vitality and opportunities to the development of the new energy vehicle industry.

Based on the demand for endurance of new energy vehicles and the requirements for lightweight and rigidity of parts, high-end machine tools are required to provide solutions for part manufacturing. The transformation and upgrading of domestic manufacturing industry and the rapid development of emerging industries have raised higher requirements for processing equipment, and the process of producing high-end CNC machine tools has significantly accelerated. More and more automotive companies are also turning their attention to integrated die-casting, which can significantly improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and thus reduce energy consumption. However, integrated die-casting often fails to meet precision requirements after forming. Therefore, integrated die-casting often accompanies precision machining, and the overall industry chain of the die-casting industry is extended. For large-scale integrated die-casting precision machining, Genesis has launched a series of precision machining solutions.

The body system, three electric system, and chassis system are important key points in the development of lightweight technology applications. Genesis provides a comprehensive and reliable overall and efficient processing "process application" and "equipment selection" plan for the "three electric systems", "braking systems", "steering systems", and "chassis suspension" in domestic new energy vehicle manufacturing.

Creation Century Group Processing Plan

Gantry machining center G-VU1530

Can be applied to the casting mold for the integrated rear bottom plate subframe

Good rigidity and wide processing range

Capable of multiple angles and fast cutting processing

Vertical machining center T-V856S

Can be applied to cast wheel hubs for electronic control box and transmission end caps

Annual shipment volume exceeds 10000 units

Monthly sales of over 1000 units

Creating industry milestones

Can be equipped with hollow cooling screw

Realize precision machining of products

CNC lathe L-WV70

Can be applied to automotive wheel hub motor housing

The knife tower adopts a central water outlet structure

Effectively improving product smoothness and tool life

The dual blade tower vertical lathe series can achieve simultaneous processing of two knives

Effectively improving processing efficiency

Drilling and milling machining center T-500B

Can be applied to compressed motorized clean discs

Hot alternating cooling plate small communication parts

Tool conversion only takes 1 second

Over 90000 applications verified worldwide