August-10th,2020,1+X Vocational Skill Level Certificate Teacher Training class came to visit Shenzhen Crearte Century Machinery Co.,Ltd (TaikanPrecision Machine) and exchanged opinions. This session of training class, sponsored by Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd., was the first training class for teachers with certificates of Numerical Control lathe and milling vocational skills in South China. More than 50 Numerical Control professional leaders and key teachers from more than 20 colleges and universitiesvisited this time.
Under the leadership of Johnson, director of Create Century's domestic education project department, we visited the manufacturing workshops of the company's headquarters, including the engraving machine, drilling and tapping machine, vertical machining center and horizontal machining center, watched the production and assembly process of products, and understood the T-V856s vertical machining center involved in the “1+X Vocational Skill Level certificate” in detail.
High speed and efficiency —ClassicRole
Three axis Roller Linear Guide rail, Spindle BT-40 12000RPM Direct connection
Mainly used in 5G, precision parts, 3C products, hardware, auto parts, medical devices and other fields.
T-V856S is the same type with the original “NATIONAL NUMERICAL CONTROLSKILLCONTEST” designated machine T-V6, It is larger specifications of the vertical machining center, once launched,favored by the market of 5G, medical equipment, mechanical processing, monthly sales more than 400 units, the market application is very common, especially suitable for college and university teachers and students for the competition and operation practice.
In the followingcommunication forum, Mr. Yin Jin, Manager Direct of Create Century, discussed and exchanged with visiting experts and teachers on 5G intelligent manufacturing, vocational skill level certificate, school-enterprise cooperation and collaborative education.
With the rapid development of 5G intelligent manufacturing, Taikan Precision machine has carried out in-depth layout in terms of professional team, core technology and focus market. Relying on the demand of 5G intelligent hardware processing industry, Taikan Precision machine focuses on doing a good job in supporting products and technology upgrading, and gradually becomes the leader of 5G intelligent equipment enterprises.