Product Characteristics 

1.Y axis is designed with four linear railway: the machine tool Y axis is designed with four linear railway, which can effectively reduce the draping deformation of the sliding saddle and ensure the load capacity of the sliding saddle during machining. ensure machining accuracy.

2. Equipped with automatic constant temperature circulating oil cooling device: make the German spindle temperature rise small, heat deformation small, maintain high machining accuracy.

3. Machine tool spindle has the function of ring jet: the machine tool spindle has the function of ring jet, the tool is fully cooled, the machining quality is improved, and the tool life is improved.

4. Machine tool chip removal adopts double screw row: row bureau adopts double screw row, automation, humanization, high efficiency.

Application Area 

Widely used C 3 products, auto parts, hardware, medical devices and other industries.


Machining Workpiece

Product Parameters 

Working table sizemm1600-850 
TravelX axismm1500 
Y axismm850 
Z axismm720 
Distance from spindle nose to working tablemm120-840 
Distance from spindle center to column guide rail surfacemm910 
Spindle speed(std)rpm10-6000 
Spindle powerkw15/18.5 
X axis rapid  traverse ratem/min24 
Y axis rapid  traverse ratem/min24 
Z axis rapid  traverse ratem/min20 
Cutting speedmm/min10000 
3 axes motor powerkw3 
Tool magazinepcBT50-24 
Max tool weightkg18 
Tool lengthmm300 
The max diameter(full tool & adjacent tool)mmΦ112/Φ200 
Tank capacityl400 
Air pressure requirementMpa0.5-0.8 
Total powerkva35 
Positioning accuracymm0.015 
Repeat accuracymm0.008 
Max loadkg1750 
Mechanical weight(estimated)kg13000 
Outline dimension(L*W*H)mm4670*2969*3370