Product Characteristics 

1. High speed cutting, low speed without crawling: the use of high-precision rail and lead screw, so the machine has a better dynamic atopic, can achieve off-speed cutting, low diagnosis without crawling.

2. A card can complete a number of processes: a crack card can form iron, boring, drilling, tapping and cutting thread and other processes.

3. High rigidity, low friction, low noise: the three pumping guide rail adopts 45 large wire rail bearing, high rigidity, low friction, low noise.

Application Area 

Widely used C 3 products, auto parts, hardware, medical devices and other industries.


Machining Workpiece

Product Parameters 

Working table sizemm1300-600 
TravelX axismm1200 
Y axismm600 
Z axismm580 
Distance from spindle nose to working tablemm140-720 
Spindle speed(std)rpmDirect 10000 
Spindle powerkw11月15日 
X axis rapid  traverse ratem/min36 
Y axis rapid  traverse ratem/min36 
Z axis rapid  traverse ratem/min36 
Cutting speedmm/min1-10000 
3 axes motor powerkw3.0/3.0/3.0 
X/Y/Z axis   Ball screw specification 4012 
Max tool weightkg7 
Tool lengthmm250 
The max diametermmΦ75 
The max diameter(full knife)mmΦ150 
Tool magazinepc24 
Chip drain motorkw0.2 
Positioning accuracymm0.01 
Repeat accuracymm0.007 
Max loadkg1000 
Height of working tablemm945 
Mechanical weight(estimated)kg7500 
Outline dimension(L*W*H)mm3400*2900*3000