Product Characteristics 

High speed cutting, low speed without crawling: the use of high-precision rail and lead screw, so the machine has a better dynamic atopic, can achieve off-speed cutting, low diagnosis without crawling.

A single card can complete a number of processes: a crack card can form iron, boring, drilling, tapping and cutting thread and other processes.

High rigidity, low friction, low noise: the three pumping guide adopts 45 large wire rail bearing, high rigidity, low friction, low noise.

Application Area 

Widely used C 3 products, auto parts, hardware, medical devices and other industries.


Machining Workpiece

Product Parameters 

Working tablemm1200*600
TravelingX axismm1100
Y axismm650
Z axismm580
The distance from spindle nose to working tablemm140~720
Spindle speedr/min10000(DDS)
Motor powerkw 
X axis rapid  traverse ratem/min36
Y axis rapid  traverse ratem/min36
Z axis rapid  traverse ratem/min36
Cutting speedmm/min1-10000
3 axes motor powerkw3.0/3.0/3.0
X/Y/Z axis  Ball screw 4012
Tool weightkg7
Tool lengthmm250
The max diameter(adjacent empty knife)mmφ150
Tool magazine capacitypc24
Chip drain motorkw0.2
Positioning accuracy(X/Y/Z)mm0.01
Max loadKg800
Height of working tablemm945
Machine weightKg7500
Machine size(lenth*width*height)mm2700*2900*3000