Product Characteristics 

1. Taikan three-axis hard rail machining center T-850 the machine covers a small area, humanized design, rear chip removal design, automatic screw arrangement on both sides, reduce manual cleaning time.
2. tool changing speed 2 Sec, tool storehouse capacity 24, tool changing device is upgraded again, use high speed hydraulic knife beating, achieve steady and fast effect.
3. the three-axis servo motor is increased KW,3 inertia, it can obtain better acceleration and dynamic performance.
4. spindle motor 11 KW, can be up to 15 instantaneous cutting force.
5. standard matching leather lead 8000 r/min, optional 10000 r/min, cutting efficiency, belt drive, avoid motor overheating, reduce spindle thermal deformation.
6. choose the straight head 10000 r/min,12000r/min or 15000 r/min, with oil cooler to improve machining accuracy and surface finish.
7. the front end of the spindle adopts labyrinth design, with blowing way to prevent cutting fluid from entering the spindle bearing.
8. equipped with a volumetric and forced lubricating oil system, to ensure that all moving parts of the machine lubrication.
9. machine tool base columns are made of high quality cast iron, reheat treatment, symmetrical structure design, reduce machine tool distortion, improve machine tool precision stability.
10. Select the central outlet of the leather-lead spindle, and the cutting fluid is output from the front end of the tool center to ensure the removal of debris during deep hole machining, increase the machining speed and prolong the tool life.
11.T-850 three-axis hard rail machining center can be selected BT40 gear head spindle, divided into high and low two gear, low gear can output 500 Nm of cutting force, high speed up to 6000 r/min, high processing efficiency and precision.
12.System standard FANUC Oi-F matching Mitsubishi M80B.

Application Area 

It is suitable for machining complex parts such as plate, disk, shell and mould in mechanical manufacturing, mould manufacturing and other industries. After one clamping, the workpiece can finish milling, drilling, boring, hinge and other processes continuously. Can be used in a single unit, but also a number of production lines to process parts.


Machining Workpiece

Product Parameters